GC Gruppe- Großhandel für SHK Haustechnik - Sanitär, Heizung, Klima

Business areas

GC Housing Technology

The housing technology segment of the GC-GROUP delivers sanitary-, air conditioning- and ventilation, installation-, roof technology, electronic products and swimming pool technology.

HTI  civil engineering and industrial engineering

The subsidiary HTI-GROUP supplies the civil engineering and industrial engineering sector. It offers products and services in the areas of supply, disposal, horticulture and landscaping, wastewater treatment technology/rain water management, industrial- and housing technology, electronics/telecommunication, renewable energies, road construction as well as construction machinery/devices/tools.

EFG electronics

The GC-GROUP founded its’ wholesale distribution segement for electronics in order to optimize the fulfillment of the customer requirements. The °EFG-GROUP° supplies the electronic crafts(men) with products for data- and network technology, building systems technology, cables, pipes, tubes, cable trays, protective grounding, lightning protection and overvoltage protection, distribution systems, switches, lights and illuminants.

DTG roof technology

In 2013 the GC-GROUP founded the °DTG-GROUP° in order to combine its’ rapidly grown business area of roof technology in one group. The highly specialized employees in this field are now offering their customers an optimized service and the area specific requirements are handled in a more appropriate way.